Albany Rifle and Pistol Club
AR Level 1   

This class is the next level above our AR Fundamentals class and will build on the skills and knowledge covered in that class. The prerequisite is either ARPC’s AR Fundamentals or our Safety & Basic Skill Evaluation. AR Level 1 will be 5 hours and participants will need to bring an AR-15 (.223 or 5.56), 100 rounds of new ammo, and at least 2 Mags holding 10 or more rounds.

Please watch the ARPC calendar for this this class and to sign up.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Chief Instructor:
   Jim Gallant
   ARPC Chief Instructor
   (541) 740-7635

[What you’ll learn]

  • Review AR Fundamentals
  • Height Over Bore Close Quarters
  • Target Acquisition
  • Rifle position
  • Dynamic movement drills
  • Speed Reload