Albany Rifle and Pistol Club
Handgun    Speed Steel
Schedule & Cost

4th Sunday of Each Month - 9am North / East Range
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For questions please contact the discipline director.
There is a small fee to participate in these matches, please check the event details on the calendar.

What is Speed Steel?
Speed Steel is competitive shooting at a variety of steel plates at different distances. All you need to do is hit each steel plate one time and the timer records the amount of time it takes you to hit all the plates. Each match is set up with 6 different stages consisting of 5 steel plates per stage. The competitor shoots each stage (string of 5 plates) 5 times from a set position and the best 4 strings, time wise, count for score.
Firearms & Ammo

Competitors may shoot center fire pistol, pistol caliber rifles or .22 rimfire pistols in the Speed Steel stages.

Bring at least 200 rounds to the match, just to be safe. Normal matches take 150 rounds if you hit each target the first time.

Always dress appropriately for the current weather conditions, we do shoot from protective cover if it is raining. You will need your firearm, a holster that covers the trigger (if shooting a pistol), extra magazines, clips or speed loaders to shoot 5 strings and your safety gear (eye and ear protection).
ARPC Speed Steel
Discipline Director
Ramiro Herrera
(541) 974-1720