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Hunter Education   
NEW YOUTH HUNTER ORANGE REQUIREMENT: Hunters ages 17 and under must wear hunter orange upper garment or hat when hunting game mammals or upland birds (except turkey) with any firearm.

Hunter Education is mandatory for Oregon hunters under the age of 18 unless they are hunting on land owned by their parents or legal guardian or are participating in the Mentored Youth Hunter Program.

However, hunter education is not just for kids and not just for hunters. The program is for all folks who enjoy the outdoors and have an interest in conservation. The course can also be an excellent refresher for veteran hunters.

The Oregon Hunter Education course requires a $10 application fee and generally last between 14-16 hours. All students are required to participate in a live fire exercise. At the end of the course, students are evaluated in three areas:

  • A written test consisting of 60 multiple choice and true/false questions (passing grade 80 percent)
  • A practical test of safe firearms handling
  • An evaluation of the students attitude and sense of responsibility as demonstrated throughout the class

Many parents choose to go through the course with their child, which is encouraged. Parents who participate and who pass the test will receive their certificate as well. Even parents who choose not to take the tests usually find the course both informative and enjoyable.

There is no minimum age to attend a course, but children under age 11 often have a difficult time with the material. Younger students may also lack the upper body strength necessary to handle a firearm safely and control the muzzle when performing loading and unloading drills.

What You'll Learn
Take any of the Oregon hunting safety courses and:
  • Learn about hunter responsibility and ethics
  • Discover how firearms work and learn about firearm safety
  • Improve your wildlife identification, game care, survival and first aid skills
  • Develop firearm handling skills and hunting techniques
  • Increase awareness about wildlife conservation and management
Notice: ARPC only hosts these educational classes. Please check the calendar for availability and call the instructor for information.
Hunter Education
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